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Turmeric Health Benefits.

For over 5,000 years the Turmeric root has been used as an important spice for the Asian cuisines.
It is consumed daily by more than a third of the world’s population!!!
However, apart from its culinary use, Turmeric has a long tradition of worldwide medical use in Indian medicine (Ayurveda), Chinese medicine and Western herbal medicine.
In recent years, the main active ingredient in the root called Curcumin or Curcuminoids is associated with the medicinal properties of the plant.
The Curcumin is also the source of the strong orange-yellow pigments that the root is famous for.

Curcumin and Bioavailability

What Is Bioavailability?

Biological availability refers to the measure of an active substance in the bloodstream and its ability to reach target cells.
When a nutrient is introduced intravenously by infusion or injection, its bioavailability will be particularly high (The maximum bioavailability is 100%), but when those components enter the body in other ways, such as swallowing, their bioavailability decreases significantly due to absorption and disintegration problems in the digestive system.
When a nutrient is highly bioavailable, it can be digested and absorbed at a high percentage of the time and in a dependable way.
When an active substance bioavailability is poor, digestion and absorption would probably be less effective and much less predictable.
Supplements that are absorbed in the intestines are ultimately available for biological activity in cells and tissues.

What About Curcumin?

Curcumin is the main active ingredient in Turmeric root.
Curcumin is considered to be the most studied natural component worldwide, which has been covered by thousands of publications and scientific studies.
However, over the years the main obstacle in the curcumin has been its low bioavailability.
The potential for its beneficial effects decreases significantly since the digestive system is a liquid acidic environment, and Curcumin which is an oil-soluble element does not effectively process through the digestive system.
In order for the Curcumin to access the target cells in the intestinal tract, there must be a fat-soluble agent to ensure absorption.

Introducing PNS Technology

PNS (Polar Non-polar sandwich) is an innovative, unique, technological breakthrough.
The PNS technology utilizes the complete natural complex extracted from the Turmeric root in order to enhance the Curcumin absorption.
The patent-pending technology, PNS stands for Polar Non-polar Sandwiching Technology (Patent application number – E-1/11319/2015-CHE).
This advanced and breakthrough development is aimed to increase the biological availability of curcuminoids, using the natural properties and composition of the Turmeric roots. It is designed to preserve the Curcuminoids properties and increase the stability of the active substance by controlling the release of the active substance.
As a result, the amount of active ingredient increases upon its arrival at the target cells, leading to high-efficiency and high Bioavailability of curcuminoids metabolizing in the intestinal tissue and into the bloodstream.

How PNS Technology Works?

Polarity influences the ability of materials to merge.
Materials tend to blend easily with other materials with the same polarity level.
When it comes to molecules, different criteria determine whether a molecule is polar or non-polar, such as its electrical charge or the symmetry of the molecular structure.
When a same couple of polar or non-polar molecules encounters, they tend to merge, whereas when a polar molecule meets a non-polar molecule, they reject each other.
In other words, polarity is the considerable key factor when absorption is demanded.

The best example of polarity is the reaction between water and oil:

While the water electrical charge is in a polar structure, oil carries a non-polar electric charge and structure, so water and oil reject each other when mixed.
On the other hand, when mixing water with another polar structured substance such as apple juice, the water, and the juice merge and form a unified compound.
Mixing non-polar materials such as oil and gasoline, the materials assimilate and merge completely.
Curcuminoids absorption presents a similar problem.
The intestinal lining is made of a polar structure, while the Curcuminoids carry a non-polar structure, so the intestinal tissue rejects the active substance and is not absorbed into the bloodstream.
In order for the Curcuminoids to penetrate the intestines efficiently, the structure carrying a polar charge needs to be identical to the digestive system.

PNS bio-delivery system

Through an advanced process, the natural composition of Turmeric is integrated into Polar Non-polar Sandwiching (PNS)

The process includes isolating Curcumin and “sandwiching” it between the Polar (carbohydrates, dietary fiber and proteins from the Turmeric) & the Non-polar (Turmeric oil).

Using PNS technology, Curcuminoids are a non-polar charge coated with layers of proteins and water-soluble carbohydrates, which are also derived from the full Turmeric root and form a polar structure that is able to penetrate the intestinal wall and deliver the Curcumin active substance in maximum absorbency.

PNS Technology uses all the components of Turmeric and structures it in a way that Curcumin can be absorbed directly into target cells, without disintegration of the digestive tract, which increases bioavailability.

A study conducted by the Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology and Innovation tested 12 healthy men aged 18-45.

The objective of the study was to compare blood plasma levels between two kinds of Curcumin extract.
The first contained Curcumin by PNS technology and the other contained a highly concentrated 95% Curcumin extract.
The study results revealed that the Curcumin blood plasma level at the group consuming the PNS extract was 10 times!!! higher compared to the group consuming the 95% Curcumin extract.

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