B12 MAX ACTIVE 60 ml

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Vitamin B12 is a highly essential vitamin for every cell in our bodies, vitamin B12 participates in the production of cells in the bone marrow, including red blood cells and the formation of genetic material (DNA).
The vitamin role has crucial importance of proper functioning of the nervous system and brain, and it is most necessary (at any age) to protect the nervous system in the body, including cognitive functions and mood.

Vitamin B12 takes part in the transformation of folic acid (vitamin B9) to its active form in the body, affecting the secretion of melatonin, an essential factor the circadian rhythm and sleep.

B12 deficiency is highly common because of absorption problems in the digestive system and nutrition with low levels of vitamin B12.

Consuming B12 in its natural form (as methylcobalamin) provides the body with methyl groups which are vital for the DNA and glutathione, and which boost the healthy activity of brain cells, memory cells, mood, helps in cases of attention and concentration problems, assists cognitive function and much more.

B12 MAX ACTIVE contains the active form of natural folate (Methyl-Folate) liquid-based for maximum utilization by the human body.

We combined folic acid with B12 to maximize the absorption and achieve optimal metabolism.

Studies have shown how 98% of a liquid supplement in a liquid form will be absorbed directly into the body, while capsule or pill uptake rates will be between 5% and 18% (Physicians Desk Reference, page 1542).

This product is available in different ML/bottles size, Liquid or Capsules.


  • B12 MAX ACTIVE contains the active form of natural folate (Methyl-Folate) for maximum utilization by the human body.
  • No preservatives added, without artificial sweeteners or other allergens.
  • Without genetically modified components (Non-GMO).
  • Quality dark glass bottle.
  • Vegan-friendly.
  • Gluten Free.
  • Sugar-free.
  • Kosher.

squeeze the dripper ones and fill the liquid to the top line, place the liquid under the tongue and wait for a few moments before swallowing for maximum absorption.

Distilled water, B12 methylcobalamin, natural Folic acid (folate), glycerin, natural raspberry extract, citric acid.

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